Celebrated for over a century around the world in honour of Charles Darwin, Darwin Day is an event that goes far beyond mere commemorative intent. In fact, having become the promoter of the defence and dissemination of scientific thought through rationalism and secularism, this event has the great merit of continuing to put the light of reason in contrast, to the old and stale obscurantism Religious.
Active since 2003, in Italy the Darwin Day is celebrated mainly thanks to the constant commitment of the UAAR -Union of Atheists and Rationalist Agnostics – philosophical association -non-confessional – of social promotion, whose main purpose is to to pursue the “supreme principle of secularism of the state”, fighting against discrimination against atheists and agnostics and calling for the abolition of all privilege attached to religion in society and school. It is also working to overcome art. 7 of the Constitution:

The State and the Catholic Church are, each in their own order, independent and sovereign. 
Their relations are governed by the Lateran Pacts. The amendments of the Pacts, accepted by both parties, do not require constitutional revision proceedings.


  1. Protecting the civil rights of atheists and agnostics, at national and local level, opposing all kinds of discrimination, legal and de facto, against them, through legal initiatives and awareness campaigns.
  2. Contribute to the concrete affirmation of the supreme constitutional principle of secularity of the state, public schools and institutions, and obtain the recognition of full equality before the law of all citizens independently philosophical and religious beliefs. In particular, demand the abolition of all privilege granted, by law or fact, to any religion, by virtue of equality before the law of religions and non-denominational philosophical associations.
  3. To affirm, in the context of a secular, rational and areligious conception of existence, the right of individuals to make their own choices relating to sexuality and reproduction, including those on the voluntary termination of pregnancy; to forge legally recognized family unions, regardless of sex, and to withdraw from them; to freely determine one’s own end of life; support the freedom of scientific, philosophical and artistic research; rights and freedoms to find full sanction and effective guarantee.
  4. Promote the social and cultural enhancement of rational and non-religious world conceptions, with particular regard to atheist and agnostic philosophies.

Source Wikipedia

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