Established legally on 18 March 1991, the Union Atheists and Agnostic rationalists, is an association completely independent of any political force and promotes in every place, the non-confessionalof of the state and institutions.
As mentioned in the previous article (rewards here to retrieve it) representing the civil interests and cultural demands of that part of society, whose thinking is not identified with any religion, the UAAR, through its own statute , declares that it aims to pursue the absolute secularity of the Italian state. It is also important to ensure that the Catholic church is not allowed to be a member of the European Union. . 7 of the Constitution:

The State and the Catholic Church are, each in their own order, independent and sovereign.
Their relations are governed by the Lateran Pacts. The amendments of the Pacts, accepted by both parties, do not require constitutional revision proceedings.

Legal battles initiated by uAAR

initiative aimed at the cancellation of the baptismal act, considering it unconstitutional that parents can “enlist” in a religious confession their children when they are still in swaddling. However, both the Privacy Guarantor and the Court of Padua have ruled that the baptism, being a “historic” event that actually took place, cannot be cancelled. From these judgments, the UAAR has turned to the legal recognition of the desire to no longer be considered Catholic, an initiative that in 1999 was partially successful in using privacy legislation for this purpose.

The UAAR has taken numerous legal action against the presence of the crucifix in public buildings. The best known is the one initiated by Soile Lautsi, a member of the Union, who arrived at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on 3 November 2009. That judgment was then overturned in 2nd degree on 18 March 2011, when the Grand Chambre, with 15 votes in favour and two against, acquitted Italy by accepting the thesis that there is no evidence of any influence on the pupils of the exhibition crucifix in classrooms. The UAAR also supports the appeal of Prof. Franco Coppoli, who in 2008 refused to lecture in the presence of the crucifix, and who for this reason was suspended for a month.

Time of religion
In 2009 an appeal against school credits and the prerogatives of the religious teacher, filed together with other secular associations and some minority religious denominations, was accepted in the first instance by the TAR of Lazio but rejected on appeal by the Council of State. Following a legal action supported by the association, the Padua Tribunal recognized, in 2010, the right of every student who asks him to have an alternative teaching activated to the hour of religion.

Intended with the State
Since 1996, the UAAR has been calling for an agreement with the state, along the lines of those concluded with religious confessions under Article 8 of the Constitution. The association considers that “the system of understanding gives religious confessions concrete advantages that place them in a position of strength compared to atheists: since any religious propaganda is inevitably anti-atheistic, such as the atheistic propaganda is anti-religious, with the understandings have been attributed to the stipulating confessions stipulating substantial means of antiathestic conditioning. […] Because we give different answers to the same questions, we want to have the same rights.” The initiative has already passed through a number of legal steps: in 2014 it was rejected by the TAR of Lazio, but the Union has already announced an appeal.

Radio and television pluralism
In 2004, the TAR of Lazio rejected an appeal by the UAAR against the favourable conditions reserved by RAI to the Catholic Church. In 2014, Agcom rejected a new appeal calling for a rebalancing of the RAI’s space for religion.

For information
Union Agnostic Rationalist Atheists
Address: via Francesco Blacks 67/69 – 00154 Rome (RM)
Phone: 06 5757611

Sources Uaar.it e Wikipedia

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