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26 Feb 2020


GIOCO DI UCCELLI -Jason W. Dick- Nella mia testa si rincorrevano i pensieri più assurdi, raggiunsi la cucina. Ivan era impegnato a sciacquare le foglie di insalata. “Eccoti!”, mi disse, e si girò verso di me solo col torso, tenendo le mani nel lavabo e allungando il collo, come a volere un bacio sulle labbra. “Ciao”, gli dissi sorridendo, ma non lo baciai. Ero troppo confuso. “Lui è Roberto, un mio caro amico, vive al piano di sopra”. Roberto allungò […]

21 Feb 2020


PRIGIONIERI DEL PIACERE:  TOTALMENTE SOTTOMESSO -Jason W. Dick- …la serata si stava avviando verso la conclusione più scontata. Charlie e Jane scomparsi chissà dove; io e Leroy, un po’ brilli, in camera, davanti ai famigerati filmini. Ero in uno stato di preoccupazione ed eccitazione notevole. Leroy era anche lui molto su di giri e, appena arrivato in camera, si è spogliato nudo, mostrandomi ancora una volta la sua possente verga. Mi ha subito costretto a fare altrettanto, aiutandomi a spogliarmi, […]

13 Feb 2020


WORLD RADIO DAY Promoted by Unesco and now in its eighth edition, this year we also celebrate World Radio Day. Spread as the main means of mass communication in the early 1920s, Radio is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of all time. The first broadcast by the BBC, the oldest radio station in the world, aired in 1922. Two years later, in 1924, it was Italy,with the birth of the Italian Radio Union and the first historical announcements broadcast […]

12 Feb 2020


UNIONE ATEI E AGNOSTICI RAZIONALISTI Established legally on 18 March 1991, the Union Atheists and Agnostic rationalists, is an association completely independent of any political force and promotes in every place, the non-confessionalof of the state and institutions. As mentioned in the previous article (rewards here to retrieve it) representing the civil interests and cultural demands of that part of society, whose thinking is not identified with any religion, the UAAR, through its own statute , declares that it aims […]

12 Feb 2020


DARWIN DAY Celebrated for over a century around the world in honour of Charles Darwin, Darwin Day is an event that goes far beyond mere commemorative intent. In fact, having become the promoter of the defence and dissemination of scientific thought through rationalism and secularism, this event has the great merit of continuing to put the light of reason in contrast, to the old and stale obscurantism Religious. Active since 2003, in Italy the Darwin Day is celebrated mainly thanks […]

10 Feb 2020


REMEMBRANCE DAY Mass slaughter. State massacre. Ethnic cleansing. In a word, Foibe. One of the blackest pages in the history of man, which in his absurd madness cost the lives of about 11,000 people. «… Already in the unravening of the first wave of blind violence in those lands, in the fall of 1943, “Summary and tumultuous justnationalism, nationalist paroxysm, social rivaling and a drawing of eradication” of the Italian presence from that which Was, and ceased to be, the […]

07 Feb 2020


WORD DAY AGAINST BULLYING E CYBERBULLYING The term Bullying is normally used to identify acts of vexatious ness or actual violence -physical and/or verbal – commonly attributable to school-type environments or more generally, to social contexts reserved for young people. In fact, it is said that bullying is the Mobbing of children and that today’s bullies, will be the mobbers of tomorrow… statement that I personally share enough. Bullying’s vexatious behaviors can range from small or large offenses to insults – […]

06 Feb 2020


WORLD GAME AGAINST INFIBULATION In Egypt they call it Tahara, in Somalia Halal, for us Westerners, the other name of infibulation is violence against women. The victims of this abomination are mostly girls between the ages of 4 and 15 – depending on the culture of belonging – who have no way of escaping the will -criminal – that applies as law in those Asian and African peoples, which even today , they are based on patriarchal societies, strongly linked […]

05 Feb 2020


WORD CANCER DAY On 04 February is the World Day for the fight against cancer, at the event, at 18.30 in the evening, the fountain of the Four rivers at Piazza Navona was dyed blue and orange, the official colors of World Cancer Day. Promoted by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) and supported by the World Health Organization. The World Cancer Day, has as its main aim to make reflect on the still too high mortality rate linked to […]

28 Gen 2020


THE OTHER’S EVIL There is a place, hidden, right under the Central Station of Milan that exowes shame. It is the track of horror, of death, of madness – the zero track – the one from which – after the approval of racial laws in Italy by Mussolini – the Jews, rounded up around the city, were deported to Auschwitz. A one-way journey to hell, which began right under the feet of the thousands of travelers, perhaps unsuspecting or perhaps […]

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